Webflow homepages and SEO for your business

Make the most of the web wisely!

Websites are made for your customers

Why does a web service exist, what is it needed for? When people search, they are looking for a solution to their problem.

Your site needs to solve a person's problem or be otherwise useful to him.

Where does website design begin?

Design should always start with a reflection on the content and content structure. What to sell or communicate and to whom.

The clear hierarchical structure of the content makes it easier to read the site. A visitor to the site can easily glance through the pages and quickly find what they are looking for.

Content first

Content defines the look and feel of the site.

Once the structure of the content is clear, I implement it content management system (CMS). You can start entering content or I will do it for you right after this.

At the same time, I will modify the look and you will get to see and try the tool.

Websites can also be implemented according to a ready-made template or instructions.

There are plenty of ready-made templates. Some are free, some are paid (prices approx. 20-150 €).

You can look at ready-made layout templates, for example Webflow templates or flowout.com sites.

Keep in mind that even these looks almost always require a little customization.

Can your homepage be found on Google or other search engines?

Careful search engine optimization improves your chances of outperforming the competition for good search results.

You want your product or service to rank at the top of the search results with the keywords or phrases you want.

The content should answer the question or problem your potential customer is looking for an answer to.

Webflow homepage package price from 595€ (+ VAT 24% 1.2.2024)

Your website is the most important factor in your digital marketing.

Search engine optimization starts at the same time as your site is being built.

  • Deployment of Webflow web hosting
  • Customized layout or layout of your own finished design
  • Implementation with Webflow tools
  • Your own text content
  • Visitor analytics, which allows you to track, for example, the number of visitors to pages
  • Map Service
  • Contact and order form
  • Photogallery
  • SSL Security (HTTPS)
  • Web hosting price is approx. 14/month. If you need a blog, etc. changing content, the price is approx. 23€/month. (prices 1.2.2024)
  • Fast website
  • With a small budget to get started
  • Backup
  • Easy to use
  • No maintenance costs

If necessary, I will help you with text content, images, etc.

I don't do graphic design, nor do corporate looks, but I can design a good looking look for your website.

I will train you to use Webflow and provide guidance if needed by phone, email or as a remote service (Google Meet etc.).

Support is free for 3 months after the page is published. Support includes small changes and counseling.

Larger changes are made either according to a separate contract or as hourly work 79 €/h (+VAT 24%). Minimum hourly billing 30 minutes.

Make the most of the web wisely! Even a small business can improve its visibility and discoverability!

WordPress, Squarespace, Unbounce and Webflow websites since 2014 for local and international businesses where first-class search engine visibility, speed and reliability are critical.

Keep it simple.

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